Women live more than men, do you know the reason?

Women live more than men

Have a look of your own colony and you will find that women live more than men, and no study needs to prove it.

When I see the families of my friends, in most of the families, grandmothers are alive, but grand fathers are no more. This trend can be easily observed in Indian society. Some old people say that, women live many years because they worship a lot and spend many fasting days in a calendar year. Others say that women are created by nature with such a strong spirit, so they live many years as compared to men.

What makes women different from men?

  • Almost every woman works, whether she is a home maker or professional lady working with corporate firm. On the other hand, you will find big percentage of men sitting idol.
  • Capacity of women are far more than men, as they have such kind of willingness. Like a mother may be lazy, but when her child would be in need, the laziest one will also go for the child.
  • Patience level of a lady is very high and she can bare with every situation coming in her way. On the other hand, men believe in changing the ways whether than keeping patience for long on the same way.
  • Women live more than men, and they should live long because they are the one who have true love in their heart. Men develop that love with time, however women take very less time to be in true love.

Women are more physically fit as they do more physical work as compared to men.

You must have noticed this in your own respective societies too, that women are more fit than men. Every second men looks with a big stomach in the society, but we barely see any fat women in middle class society.

Women in middle class societies live with fear of many things, and that fear forces them to do as more as possible for them and their family. This makes them strong enough to survive in worst situations too. Their fighting spirit is far more stronger than men, as they do not give up easily.

Men can also live longer, if they will take care of their health and will do more physical work to make them strong.

  • Wake up early in the morning and go for walk of at least 45 minutes everyday.
  • Go for meditation everyday to keep your mind sound and clear.
  • Stay away from negative thing to keep tension away from your life and focus on more positive aspects of life.
  • Never sit idol, just keep doing anything you want. Sitting idol such your life, so do not let it suck your days out.

If you will compare life of urban regions with life of rural areas, urban women are getting more unfit like men as they have stopped doing physical work. Their life is also getting short because they have followed the same lifestyle men have.

It is completely cool to become successful, but do not loose that character of staying involved in something all the time. Keep doing physical works too.

-By Suraj Dhaneja

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